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Side Handles

As Sun Metal, we are specialised on the production of stainless steel cookware accessories. One of these accessories is Side Handles that can be used for products from household pots of 16 cm diameter to large cauldrons of 120 cm diameter of size. Also, we provide high quality and robust side handles to milk churn producers. We pay attention to the quality expectations of every single customer of ours in order to generate maximum customer satisfaction. We produce side handles from different stainless steel materials such as tubes, wires, sheet, hollow profiles, shaped bars and a combination of them to create more specified products. Moreover, we can also offer coated iron handles in various colours for our customers’ selection.

Lid Handles

Another main product that we are expert on is Lid Handles / knobs. Depending on our customers’ choice of material, we use stainless steel tube, sheet, wire, hollow profile, shaped bar as well as a combination of these materials, we produce products that address our customers’ quality and visual needs. Again, coated iron handles in different colours is among our offerings. We create special designs of our own along with producing the tailored products of our customers. Quality is of course our must have… 

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Pan / Casserole Handles

Another core competency of Sun Metal is the production of high quality and strong handles for frying pans and casseroles. In addition to our own designs, we produce items that our customers demand specifically based on their own requirements. Our products cover sizes from 12 cm to 40 cm handles suitable for riveting or welding. 

Teapot Handles

Teapot handles is another product category of our company. We offer our designs of teapot handles which add elegance and ease of use to your teapots at the same time. 

Other Products

Last but not the least, we have an “Other Products” category which includes a broad variety of products ranging from locking appliances which can be tailored to our customers’ specific needs to lamas for gastronome containers, lunchbox handles or beams, milk boiler handles, falling handles for cauldrons, milk churn clips or bucket lifting handles.   

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